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Volunteer Update, June 8th 2020: Long Beach Felines is responsible for the management of cats for Feline Good Social Club and our partner is currently in need of support! We're looking to create a team to cover the following activities:

PetPoint Database Administrator: Manage LBF's online shelter management program to track all cat activities such as intake, location, and adoption. Foster home database management is also included in this role. Volunteers with previous database management experience are encouraged to apply.

Cat Inventory Management Coordinator: Track incoming and outgoing cats and foster homes via Google Drive documents to keep online postings current & accurate for FGSC use. Coordinate with FGSC photographer and social media team to keep online presence fresh. Update signs at the lounge to reflect new intakes and adoptions.

Adoption Processing Coordinator: Review adoption applications and interview potential applicants to ensure applications are accurate. Forward applications for approval. After approval, notify successful applicant of next steps ending with meeting and/or adoption pickup. Forward adoption documents to Database Administrator to update online inventory.

Cat Transfer Coordinator: Facilitate cat management and transfers from rescue partners to LBF. Ensure that incoming cats meet LBF’s rigorous requirements to qualify for intake. Secure appropriate documentation from rescue partner forward to Database Administrator to update online inventory. Coordinate intake with FGSC team.

Cat Wellness Coordinator: Monitor general well-being of all onsite cats. Administer required vaccinations, parasite and flea treatments and maintain health records. Notify FGSC management of any required veterinary care. Volunteers with experience as veterinary technicians are encouraged to apply.

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