Meet The Cats

All of our current kitties have been rescued by Long Beach Felines who ensures that all of our cats are spayed/neutered, micro-chipped, dewormed, free of fleas, tested neg/neg for FIV and Feline Leukemia, and vaccinations are up to date. In addition, our volunteers have spent many hours with our kitties so they are all very social  with people and each other.   


Adoptable cat Heather


Heather is a loving and playful Tortie Balinese. She's got that full-bodied physique but she plays like a slim athlete. Heather came to us from a tiny Tortie mommy who cared for an over-sized brood of 8 kittens. She did such a good job that all of her kittens became just like her -- open, sweet, and affectionate! Heather scrambles to be the first in line when the door to her rooms opens - and guess what? She is always first. From there she jumps up to the top of the cat tower to get more attention. Then when the lap becomes available, she takes up a big part of the lap for lovies and a nap. Heather is also very playful and at the top of her game. All around, she's an A+ kitty!


Sex: Female
Birthdate: April 2, 2018
Color: Cream & Grey
Personality Traits: Athletic & Attentive


Adoptable cats Chili and Chowder

Chowder & Chili

Who's who with these two brothers was a serious challenge when they were little. A collar was the only way to distinguish them apart. Chowder and Chili were part of the litter who joined a tiny Tortie mom and her 4 kittens. It was a lot for her but she was such a loving creature that all of the kittens got the same loving spirit. The brothers are such characters! They want your attention and affection at all times! When you enter their room, they bound up the cat tower to greet you face to face and then they flip over and beg for petties. Don't try to ignore them- they will reach out and tap you until you give them what they want. They're both very playful and athletic so you have the best of all cat features. You'll find that Chowder is the lead, but not generally bossy. Chili is -- well, more chill! Truly delightful companions. 

Sex: Males
Birthdate: April 2, 2018
Color: Cream & Orange
Personality Traits: Loving & Delightful




MamaSita must have been loved - at first - until she got pregnant. Then, she ended up by herself in an industrial park - along with 3 kittens! The good people in some of the businesses called us to save her and her family. She is the most calm and contented cat. She raises no fuss, plays gently, and loves to get and give affection. She's the best couch companion you can find.

Sex: Female
Birthdate: June 1, 2018
Color: Cream & Beige
Personality Traits: Affectionate & Playful; Committed People-Kitty




Eddie came to us as somewhat of a wallflower, but it's been wonderful to watch him blossom as he grows more comfortable in the lounge. He is a sweet cat with a very unique personality, and he won't hesitate to make his love of pets and general cat affection obvious.

Sex: Male
Birthdate: March 27, 2017
Color: Black & White
Personality Traits: Extremely Affectionate & Attentive




Shadow is another shy kitty who has really opened up since her time here with us. She may be spotted snuggling kittens, looking inquisitive, or generally lounging about. She conveys an observative wisdom, and the desire for lots of love and affection.

Sex: Female
Birthdate: TBD
Color: Black, White, and Grey
Personality Traits: Mellow and Sweet