Mindful Meow Session

Mindful Meow Session

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Join Us on Sunday, 11/17 for a special Mindfulness Meow event lead Dr. Sara Rabinovitch, PhD.  Sara is a Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher and a practicing Licensed Psychologist in community mental health and has partnered with us to raise funds to support our cause and our cats!


  1. Mindfulness helps us reconnect with ourselves and with what matters to us—and then helps us act accordingly
  2. Mindfulness helps us shape inner self-talk to be more gentle, kind, patient, and wise
  3. Mindfulness helps us face life challenges with more confidence, perspective, and acceptance
  4. Mindfulness helps us deepen our relationships with others
  5. Mindfulness helps us approach and soften into painful emotions, until we see that turning towards them actually helps these feelings subside


Sara's Pacific MNDFL studio in downtown long beach is located at 851 Pine Avenue, Suite 100 Long Beach CA 90802.  Pacific MNDFL is an enriching, compassionate, down-to-earth container for like-minded humans to learn the practice of mindfulness – and to make the practice their own.