California Loves Animals

So, one of the reasons I LOVE Long Beach is how passionate people in this city are about animal welfare.

Our own Long Beach Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell authored a bill in February that would ban the sale of rabbits, dogs, and cats that come from high-volume, commercial breeding facilities aka “puppy mills” in all pet shops throughout the state. Only animals from rescue groups, shelters, or a non profit organizations will be allowed to be adopted or sold in pet stores. Some cities such as Long Beach, Laguna Beach, and West Hollywood already have this ordinance in place. This bill would make it mandatory for the entire state to abide.

Our Mayor, Eric Garcia, is very passionate about animals. He is in favor of this and said “By prohibiting pet store owners from selling a live dog, cat, or rabbit…unless the animal was obtained from a public animal control agency, non-profit shelter, or rescue group, AB 485 prioritizes and encourages animal adoption,” Garcia wrote. “This legislation is consistent with a local ordinance that is already in place in Long Beach…. Since the adoption of our local ordinance, Long Beach is proud to have many local pet stores working with our shelter and local rescue groups to adopt out animals in need.”

I am excited about this bill because it will encourage more adoption of animals that are in desperate need of homes, and discourage the purchase of high cost purebred animals that may have come from puppy mills and endured some extremely inhumane conditions.   Of course not all purebred animals come from puppy mills, and I can see how some breeders might get upset by being lumped into the same category as puppy mills. But ultimately I think this will be a step towards increasing the adoption of homeless animals.

Let’s hope this passes! Our team at Feline Good Social Club is very passionate about adoption and that is the number one reason we are opening our cat cafe. There are countless kitties that need homes and our goal is to encourage people to adopt.  We believe that a cat cafe will be an awesome environment for people to experience rescue cats, and that unique experience and different type of exposure will ultimately increase adoptions.

What do you think? Do you think this is a good thing? Why or Why Not?


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